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Business consultation to prevent employee theft and embezzlement

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does your product consist of?

Our product is a how-to guide focused on preventing employee theft in your practice. It is specifically geared to busy medical professionals and gets straight to the point teaching you exactly what to do to prevent theft in as little time as possible. Instead of getting into the “why” of fraud, we deal strictly with the “how” of fraud prevention. We chose the areas of a medical practice where exposure to theft and embezzlement are most likely to occur and where your fraud prevention efforts will have the greatest impact. We also include a section on “theft resolution”, explaining exactly what steps you should take if you suspect or have already uncovered an ongoing scheme in your practice 

2. How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered online. Once you purchase the product, you will have immediate unlimited access. You will have the option of viewing the material online, downloading it to your device, or printing it out.  In addition, we provide a printable Action Plan at the end of each module that gives a simple, concise summary to help you get started immediately.

3. Is your program a good financial investment for my practice?

Absolutely. If you look at the chart below, you will see how this could provide a payback of thousands of times the cost.

range of average loss to embezzlement

4. I have seen articles in some of the professional journals that discuss fraud in medical offices and ways to prevent it. Do you think I should buy your program or just dig out the information on my own?

The process of gathering all of the information for our guide, paring it down to what is truly important and necessary, then incorporating it into a complete but concise format took two of us working full-time well over a year to complete. Unless you are willing to devote a great deal of time to it, developing a strategy like ours could take one person several years. In addition to the effort involved, an average medical practice will lose $30,000 to $50,000 to theft during the time you spend developing your program. Obviously it makes much more sense to buy our program and put it to work immediately.  

5. Will it prevent all fraud and embezzlement in my practice?

Nothing can prevent all possible embezzlement in any office. However, once you have completely instituted our program, losses to embezzlement should be decreased by up to 90%, possibly more!

6. I’ve been told that if I “lock down” the cash in my practice I don’t really have to worry about embezzlement. Is that true?

Unfortunately, that is not accurate. Most medical practices have been moving away from cash in the last ten to twenty years, but losses to theft have actually increased. In the table above showing the average financial losses, the theft of cash is just a very small part of the overall loss.

7. Can your system help me recover stolen funds?  How about if the theft is discovered after the employee has resigned or been terminated?

The answer to both questions is maybe. There are several different approaches to recovering embezzled funds, ranging from just getting reimbursed and moving on, all the way to pursuing criminal charges and filing a civil lawsuit to recover the stolen funds. We explain the options and make recommendations about which course to pursue. Unfortunately most criminals do not invest their ill-gotten gains, and often do not have any real assets to go after, so prevention is always the best solution.

8. After purchasing the guide, how much time and effort is required to implement it in my practice and maintain it going forward?

This will vary from one practice to another, but the time and effort involved should be minimal and will not cause any disruption to the normal office flow. Going forward, the system will be essentially maintenance-free, providing 24/7/365 protection against theft.

9. What is your refund policy?


The Embezzle-Proof Practice Program comes with a no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee. If the program does not meet or exceed your expectations, just contact us to receive a full refund.

10. May I contact you if I have any questions?

Absolutely! We would love to hear from you and getting in touch is easy. Feel free to contact us any time by email at with questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else.  

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